Our Services

We do the job right the first time. Our objective is to provide excellent customer service and professional expertise.

Urban Irrigation Solutions offers the following services:

Design, Installation and maintenance

  • Residential, commercial, rooftop, agricultural properties

Spring start-ups

  • Re-connect irrigation system to water main
  • Test the system while checking for any winter damage
  • Repair damaged parts
  • Adjust heads for optimal coverage
  • Setup timer for effortless watering


  • Blow out your irrigation system using a high volume air compressor to ensure lines are clear of residual water to protect your system from winter damage
  • Disconnect your water and ensure all pipes are protected during the winter months

Water Consultation

  • Audit irrigation systems for optimal water use
  • Assess water usage and distribution
  • Install latest water efficient sprinkler heads to reduce water consumption
  • Drip irrigation
  • Ensures plants receive the recommended amount of water depending on their specific needs

Servicing Systems 

  • Service and repair any issues that arise with irrigation system

System Upgrade

  • Upgrade existing irrigation systems for optimal water coverage

Timer adjustments

  • Adjust water distribution according to seasonal changes for optimal plant growth

Urban Agriculture

  • Design, build and maintain urban farms in the Greater Toronto Area